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Wine Trip Through Slovenia

Wine trip through Slovenia

Skaručna Gourmet Club offers its rich knowledge in the field of culinary and enology in the form of guided tours through wine cellars of the most renowned Slovenian winemakers. The owner of Skaručna Gourmet Club’s Slovenian boutique wine gallery, Marko Žagar, will guide your guests through most fascinating and typical wine cellars in Slovenia. You will be welcomed by friendly wine experts, true artists in their profession, with good wine in their callous hands. The authenticity of geographical areas, wine cellars and local wine lovers and winemakers will conjure up an unforgettable experience for your guests, making Slovenia forever a part of their memories. The tasting and variety of wine flavors and bouquets as well as the relaxed atmosphere that only best gourmands, such as chef Marko Žagar, know, will convince your guests to return to the land of rich tastes, pleasant experiences, and interesting people.