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Culinary Team Building

In our Gourmet Club,

we take care of strengthening ties between people in an ancient way – with food. The preparation of food in a group under the eye of the renowned gourmet chef Marko Žagar will smooth out even the most bitter disputes and tensions between individuals since Marko’s “Joie De Vivre” atmosphere and his gourmet kitchen do not allow anything else than pure gourmet pleasure. Well, fortunately, Marko’s recipe for culinary team building in an authentic, warm and domestic environment always turns out to be the right formula for companies and other groups, who want to leave the team building as even better friends. From time to time, hugs and tears of happiness, remorse and reconciliation spice up the delicious home-made food. In addition, good wine from the house wine cellar, full of selected wines from the best Slovenian winemakers usually encourages the most positive working as well as mutual moods.

Wine tasting with business partners

True gourmets cannot overlook the fact that good wine is an integral part and the icing on the cake of every exquisite culinary experience. It is a fact that good food and especially noble wine have always been the basis for long-lasting acquaintances and successful businesses. A full jug sparked many sympathies and strengthened ties. All experienced people know that any good and long-term business relationship requires some mutual chemistry, personality compliance and a bit of pleasure which brings joy even in time of most difficult business venture. Enjoy the delightful and exceptional company of an expert and chef Marko Žagar and take your business partners on a wine-tasting tour of Slovenian boutique wines to Marko’s wine cellar. Enjoy the pleasures of wine-tasting and Marko’s approach which will impress your business partners with its authenticity. In the company of glasses full of wine, you will obtain loyal and long-term business partners.

Gallery of Slovenian boutique wines 

We prepared an exceptional wine cellar with the collection of best wines from modern Slovenian oenological culture just for you. You will be able to enjoy a wide range of wonderful tastes of Slovenian wine-growing areas, i.e. the coastland, Karst, Bizeljsko, Styria, Lower Carniola and others, and in their masterful combinations and variations. The noble and rich tradition that will welcome you at the doors of the Skaručna Gourmet Club wine cellar, will conjure up the history of Slovenian winemaking, captured in typical ambient as well as in wonderful wine tastes and bouquets. Speak in dialects of Slovenian wine culture and teach your guests, visitors and business partners new languages.