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Culinary Experiences

Cooking classes and workshops

Are you tired of everyday recipes that your family has been preparing for generations and of videos showing perfect exotic dishes from all over the world? Do you wish for someone to personally take you through all the magic, soft skills and tiny secrets of a supremely prepared meal and interesting and traditional recipes? In the gourmet house of the Skaručna Gourmet Club, we offer you exactly that, i.e. lessons with a personal approach of our gourmet chef Marko Žagar, the man with rich gourmet experience gained from the renowned culinary family Žagar from Skaručna. Explore. learn to play with flavours and pamper your loved ones with delicacies. Learn the masterly art of cooking, the effects of cookware on dishes, and how to add just the right quantity of spices, make perfect dough, build fire and much more. This way, you will be able to achieve the premium gourmet results while preparing crisply baked and juicy dishes of divine tastes.

Gourmet thematic events/Culinary festivals and events

In our gourmet house full of Slovenian culinary tradition, we preserve our knowledge and spread it among other members of gourmet culture and young gourmet enthusiasts and masters. Gourmet dishes do not include only those seriously big dishes, but also those less noticeable and modest delicacies, which are also very important. Cheeses, jams, salami, spices, bread – those are all dishes that you do not even think of when talking about gourmet dishes. For us, creating a gourmet culinary culture in these areas is as important as anything else. Therefore, every year, we organise various culinary events and festivals and cater to all those, who want to exchange knowledge and make your culinary products even better, more delicious and of higher quality. Do you have any other ideas? Would you like to hang out with someone else from your micro gourmet area? We are open to suggestions on culinary festivals or culinary events where you would like to socialise and share flavours and your favourite culinary delicacies. We will help you with the organisation, our authentic premises and renowned name. We hope we discover at least a new America together! Well, let’s just stay in Slovenia and occasionally enjoy the cuisine from around the world. It is even more exciting. We are striving for an open gourmet festival atmosphere with various unthinkable contents and new dimension of flavours.

Skaručna Gourmet Club wine cellar and wine experiences

In the Skaručna Gourmet Club, we are aware that every drop of wine is the result of hard work and sweat, but mostly love and a lot of knowledge. We respect wine, winemakers and experts in a special way and admire their knowledge. That is way we like to meet up with them in our spacious and architecturally perfect wine cellar where we organise specials events for indulging and learning the art of wine making. In such occasions, we like to invite top Slovenian winemakers in order to get to know their best wines and peculiarities of their production. We also learn a lot from trained wine tasting experts who teach us the art of oenology, recognising quality, clarity, bouquets and many other characteristics of top quality wines. In an exceptional atmosphere, all wine lovers as well as those who already produce their own wine will be impressed by the wine collection of our wine cellar and top wines from the best Slovenian winemakers. After the professional tasting and oenology and Slovenian wine production lessons, you can take your favourite wines home at the same price as offered by the winemakers. But most important, this extraordinary experience will leave you in a cheerful mood and full of new knowledge.

VIP Club events

We organize special events for all those who are already familiar with our work, our atmosphere, our purpose and our essence, and who have already become a member of our Skaručna Gourmet Club. The content of such events, which are organised at the initiative of the club members, is chosen in line with the members’ suggestions or current topics in the field of gourmet culinary. They are organised to deepen our ties, record and develop new and sparking ideas and mostly for enjoyment. They emphasise the importance of enjoying the company of similarly thinking individuals. That is when best ideas come to life, special chemistry is created, most daring plans for the future are made and spontaneous parties happen. Everybody who think they can contribute to our work, improve it, enrich the program, or contribute to a better spent time together, is invited to Skaručna Gourmet Club. We are open to anyone who will in any way contribute to the quality of our gourmet perception of the world. You are more than welcome.