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Celebrations and private parties

Skaručna Gourmet Club is offering

a pleasant traditional family atmosphere. Our Club is not a classical restaurant, but a place that provides a friendly culinary experience by letting their guests not only to enjoy the food but also to prepare delicacies and socialize. Such culinary get together is suitable for anyone who does not want a traditional restaurant celebration, but something more, something new. So, a slightly different celebration for all those, who are young at heart and a little adventurous with the wish for experimenting. Our guests are not catered by more or less friendly waiters and chefs behind the scene – here you will magically find yourself in the atmosphere of a chosen and authentic holiday house of your best friend or relative. And if you like, you can prepare the food in the company of your loved ones. Experience celebration and entertainment with family and friends in an ancient way of marking important life events (wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, special achievements, and even mourning). When food and friendship fuse into an endless sea of pleasant feelings and resentment, pain and misunderstandings slowly fade and get lost in the past.

Culinary experience on a boat

Do you love the sea? Of course, who doesn’t? Do you love seafood? Do you want to taste everything related to the sea, i.e. seafood, best company and entertainment at the seaside long into the night, in an authentic setting? We can arrange that. In the summer, our culinary experience is transferred to the Adriatic Sea, where we do not just let you enjoy yourself, but gain a lot more with our culinary experience on a boat. You will learn to pick the most delicious and fresh fish, marinate it for exquisite flavors, properly fillet and cook them in a Dalmatian way. You will be able to properly select and cook shellfish, shrimps, octopus, cuttlefish and other seafood. You will have memories of more than the excellent recipes and ways of preparing food. In the summer, our Gourmet Club begins a culinary adventure and gourmet entertainment on a boat! We will enjoy the carelessness of the hot sun, the pleasant company and the smell of fresh specialties from the sea. Join us and together we will enjoy the sunset with gourmet sea delicacies and great wine.